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Our 2017 All-Canadian & All-American Nominations
Unique Dempsey Cheers-VG-89-2YR (Jr. 2yr)
Kawartha Armani Memory-Red-VG-87-2YR (Jr. 2yr)
Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn-EX-92 (Sr. 3yr)
Skycrest Mincio Prickles-VG-89-3YR (Sr. 3yr)
Al-Shar Dempsey Alison-VG-89-3YR (4 yr)

Budjon-Vail Atw Stylish (Milking Yearling)
Unique Dempsey Cheers-VG-89-2YR (Jr. 2yr)
Vale-O-Skene Goldwyn Karmilla (Sr. 2yr)
Skycrest Mincio Prickles-VG-89-3YR (Sr. 3yr)

Announcing the BLONDIN & PARTNERS II Sale!
Dec. 19th at the Farm!
Click here for the catalogue!

After a revisit from the classifiers we have finished up with some great results including 27 new VG-2YR olds!

ANNOUNCING Blondin Sires Inc.
We’re extremely excited to announce today the launching of our new business and venture with Blondin Sires Inc.
A new breeder owned sire business focused on providing high genomic type bulls from proven cow families.

Along with the launching of the business is the signing of an exclusive agreement with Cogent.
All Blondin Sires bulls will be exclusively available through Cogent and their distributors.

Please give our new Facebook page a “Like” and follow us on this exciting journey!

Winterbay Fever Legacy EX-95 Honorable Mention at Quebec Spring Show!!
Legacy was 2nd 5yrs old and Honorable Mention at the 2016 Quebec Spring Show!

Nationa Convention Catalogue Online!
Click here to view the catalogue!

Uno Adele-VG-88-2YR is Nominated R&W Cow of the Year!!
Ms Apple Uno Adele-VG-88-2YR is Nominated R&W or RC* Cow of the Year! Adele is the dam of the #1 R&W Bull in the World in GTPI at Semex - IHG Airship-RED!!

All-American Nomination
Our All-American Nominations

These are the classification results so far. They will return for a revisit on a few additional animals.

These are the classification results so far. They will return for a revisit on a few additional animals.

We had the classifier on Wednesday with some exciting results!
They are coming back to look at a few others, these are the results so far!

The All-Quebec Results are In!
The All-Quebec Results are In!

Black & White
Lachancia Elaborate Titane – HM All-Québec Jr Calf
Bernadale Goldwyn Ability – Res. All-Québec Milking Yearling
Winterbay Fever Legacy – Res. All-Québec 3 ans Jr
Copropriété avec Crasdale
Mystique Goldwyn Boreale – Res. All-Québec Sr. 3yr
Laitxpert Extra Goldwyn – HM All-Québec Sr. 3yr
Drumlee Mischief Denison – Res. All-Québec 5yr
Res. All-Québec Breeders Herd

Red & White
Blondin Artie Saphyr - All-Québec R&W Cow
Blondin Destry Sally – Res. All-Québec R&W Cow
Blondin Mr Bruns Laurence – HM Tout-Québec R&W Cow
Blondin Lotus Sweety – HM Tout-Québec R&W Young Heifer

2014 All-Canadian Nominations
Breeders Herd
Aged Cow
Meadow Green Jeany Outside-EX-96-4E-1*
5yr Old
Drumlee Mischief Denison-EX-95 (Owned with Tommy Araki and Butz-Hill)
Sr. 3yr Old
Laitxpert Extra Goldwyn-VG-87-2YR (owned with Ferme Jacobs, now owned by Westcost Holsteins)
Jr. 3yr Old
Winterbay Fever Legacy-VG-89-3YR
Sr. 2yr Old
Blondin Goldwyn Costa-VG-88-3YR (owned with M.e.dal Farm)
Milking Yearling
Bernadale Goldwyn Ability-VG-87-2YR
Milking Yearling
Val–Bisson Meridian Dorian
Jr. Calf
Lachancia Elaborate Titane (owned with Ferme Villyvon)

We are extremely excited to share Tuesday’s classification results which include Drumlee Mischief Denison scoring EX-95-2E!

Click here for the full classification results!

2014 Sale of Stars Catalogue now online - Have a look!
Thursday, November 13, 2014

Premier Breeder R&W - Madsion!
We are truly honoured to have 1st Breeders herd and be named Premier Breeder of the Red and White show in Madison!

A huge congratulations to the team at MilkSource LLC for having Blondin Redman Seisme being scored EX-97!

She is the first ever Red & White replica watches uk cow in North America to score EX-97!

We are wishing her and all the Milksource team a great show in Madison and again congratulations!

Doorman's RC Brother!
Blondin INTEGRAL*RC is the #1 Type *RC bull above +2300 GTPI!

New Embryos Added!
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A La Creme Sells in the International Intrigue!
Check out the video:

International Intrigue Consignements
Check out the Sales section for photos and updates on animals selling in the International Intrigue!

CLassification Results!
JEANY scored EX-96!

Updated Embryo Inventory
Check it out!

Best of Both Worlds Sale - Richford, VT
We are exited to offer a number of animals and help to manage this exciting sale on June 25th, 2014.
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Aingers Advent BAMBI scores EX-94!

Click here for the full results!

Grand Champion R&W & Res. Grand Champion Black & White!
It was a great day at the Quebec Spring Show with the following results. Thank you to our great team for making it all possible!

Bambi named All-Canaidan Sr. 3yr Old and Sunkiss is Reserve All-Canadian Jr. 2yr old!
With the release of the All-Canadian results we are extremely excited to say that Aingers Advent Bambi-EX-91 has been named All-Canadian Sr. 3yr old and Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss-VG-88-2YR has been named Reserve All-Canadian Jr. 2yr Old!

Blondin-Sicard Sale catalogue now online!
February, 20th, 2014 at Ferme Yvon Sicard
Sanit-Justin, QC

Blondin Sicard Sale
Follow the Vente Blondin Sicard on Facebook to have some ''Hot News'' about consigments!

January genomic proof release
The January proof report was Excellent for Blondin...#2 Canadian owned heifer

7 Nominations All Canadian for Blondin!
We now know all the Nomination for the All Canadian Countess ! Go in the ''New'' section to know wich one make us pround !

#10 PTAT Heifer in the World at Blondin !
We are pround to work with the #10 PTAT Heifer in the World ! Mystique Doorman Cherry !

New addition
RockyMountain Snowman Sierra

The classifer when at the Farm last week!
Look at those amazing results!

A new VG-88 2 Yr old for Blondin & Sicard!
Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss just went VG-88 2 Yr old!

Bambi is the Inter. Champion of the Royal !!!
A wonderfull achievement with Aingers Advent Bambi and all the other cows exposed.

We are excited to announce we have purchased this RED Destry daughter of the famous KHW Regiment Apple-Red-EX-95-3E herself!

Here is the results from EIHQ
Go have a look on the New section to know how was our week at EIHQ!

Catalog for the Sale of Stars
The Sale of Stars catalog is now online with all the updates.

Jessica got a new picture!
Come and see the new picture of Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica EX-96 2E, taking just after she was noomed Grand Champion at EOWQ in Kemptville, last week !

Blondin-Sicard Sale announced!
Don't miss the 1st Edition of the Blondin Sicard Sale on February 20th 2014!

What a Show for us at Kemptville!
Look for all our resultas from the Kemptville show.

Our results from WDE!
Here is our results from WDE, Madison! We are very pround!

We are part of the WDE!
Follow the trajet of the Blondin team at WDE!

The Grand Champion at Expo Cookshire sold in the Intrigue Sale!
Sunnylodge bbedale BG Linda VG-88 (EX-MS) is nommed Grand Champ. at the Expo Cookshire!

A big succes with the International Intrigue sale 2013!
Thanks to all of you for your presence in that special day.

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Follow us on Facebook for all the up to date happenings for the International Intrigue Sale!

Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica-EX-96-2E - Grand Champion at Trois-Rivières!

International Intrigue returns to Ferme Blondin!
Checkout our newest video about the sale!

English Version:

Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica-EX-96-2E-CAN!
We are truly honoured…today at just 27 days fresh Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica was scored EX-96-2E-CAN!

Great Classification Day!
Check out the full story and results of our latest classification day!

Great results from Quebec Spring Show!
We are extremely proud of our results from the Quebec Spring show!

We had a great time at the Ontario Spring Show!
Click here for some of our great results from the Ontario Spring Show!

Embryo list updated
January 23, 2013

Quebec Spring Sale 2013
Blondin Int'l and Brian Craswell Auctions are proud to be the managers of the Quebec Spring Sale 2013 ! Contact us for more details !

Skychief Supra passed away
We are sad to announce the passing of Skychief Supra on December 5, 2012 due to health complications. She was 17 years and 8 months old. We are very pround to have bred this fantastic star brood cow, Holstein Canada Cow of the 2009 and we are looking forward to seing her legacy and influence continue both at the farm and around the world. She will be missed!

3 All-American nominations !

Porpo Goldwyn Barbi VG-88 (Sr. 2-Yr-Old)

Drumlee Mischief Denison VG-89 (Jr. 3-Yr-Old)

Shylane Jasper Harriet EX-95 2E (Aged cow)

4 All-Canadian Nominations !
Blondin Alexander Mariska VG86 2Y (Milking Yearling)
Phoenix Gogo Sanchez VG87 2Y (Jr 2Y Old)
Porpo Goldwyn Barby VG88 2Y (Sr 2Y Old)
Drumlee Mischief Denison VG89 (Jr 3Y Old)

Honourable Mention Champion R&W Royal 2012 !
Roneamar 612 Talent Laura Red EX-94
H.M. Grand Champion Royal R&W Royal 2012
Congratulations to our partner T&L Cattle Ltd !

Be part of the team !
We are currently looking for a new member on the team that would assist the herd manager and take over when we are at the shows. Contact us for more information !

World Dairy Expo, the previous videos
The World Dairy Expo, Madison

2 Grand Champion to Star the Show season!
Monique, Grand Champion Expo-Printemps
Liberty, Grand Champion NY Spring Int'l Holstein Show

The Grand Champion at QC Spring Show 2012
Intermediate Champion & Grand Champion Cookview Goldwyn Monique

Grand Champion R&W
Blondin Mr Burn Laurence

Jessica, Supreme Champion Expo Quebec 2011
Willowholme Goldwyn Jessica EX-92
1st 5-Yr-Old, Grand Champion & Supreme Champion Expo Quebec 2011

Ferme Blondin - PREMIER EXHIBITOR WDE, Madison 2010
Thank! to our Team for your help.
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